As a result of their experience many patients become volunteers for Cancer Help. Cancer Help volunteers help the charity to address the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of patients and families experiencing cancer.

The Cancer Help volunteers play a crucial role in implementing the care plan developed by professionals, and assist in providing a network of total support, care, and practical assistance.

All volunteers are supervised by the Chief Executive & the Volunteer Co-ordinator. There is a formal training programme which each Cancer Help volunteer must complete. Following the initial training course, they are offered additional education throughout the year which is designed to give volunteers specialised skills to promote their personal growth and opportunities.

The variety of volunteer assignments allows the service to serve an increasing number of needs. This system also affords volunteers the chance to participate in a number of ways. The scope of services accommodates volunteers’ growth and changing needs. It also impacts on volunteer retention. If a volunteer has a change in personal circumstances (ie. the need arises wherein there is more or less time available for volunteer work) there remains a place for a contribution that is welcomed and valued.

The aim of volunteering is to assist the professional team at Cancer Help to meet the identified needs of the cancer patient and his/her carer, as a respected, appreciated and supported part of the team.