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Jean’s Story

Jean has lost a husband, son and daughter. Working as a volunteer at the charity’s Longridge shop has helped Jean to deal with her loss

“I have worked at the Longridge Shop since it first opened in 1997 and have been in charge for 10 years. Between 2001 and 2007 I lost my husband, my only daughter and my only son. The only thing that helped me through this was my charity work at Cancer Help as it gave me a focus. Thankfully I have five caring grandchildren and two lovely great grandchildren.

I first became a volunteer to raise money to help people who are worse off than me. Also because Cancer Help is a local charity and all the monies go directly to the day care centres. The work is very rewarding and we always have a laugh between the staff and with the customers. When bags of donated goods are brought in it almost seems like Christmas as we have no idea of what they will contain!

Cancer Help is a wonderful organisation which offers comfort, support and most importantly hope to cancer patients.”

Cancer Help is …

A place of peace, a place of rest

A place where courage stands the test

A place that takes away your fear

When someone tells you cancer’s here

Friendly faces, an ever open door

Counselling, treatment and so much more

Reflexology, relaxation and massage too

Here there is always something to do

Arts and crafts or just sit around

And chat to a friend you have found

So we work in the shop with never a pause

Then everyone can support our cause