Self Help Groups

The establishing of the groups at Cancer Help arose from the patients and carers needs to share their experiences with others who had gone through the same, or similar experiences. Patients state that being amongst others who can readily identify with them is a positive experience, and often it proves to be a strengthening and nurturing one. For many people, being part of a support group helps them to live with cancer.

For the young person, differing anxieties may present, culminating in depression and isolation. S/he may demonstrate concern regarding employment, insurance, mortgage, marriage and procreation. To meet with contemporaries at differing stages of the disease process, to share and befriend, is psychosocially beneficial.

The aims of the self-help groups are to:

  • Inform;
  • Reduce depression and isolation;
  • Offer friendship/social activity;
  • Improve quality of life;
  • Provide social support.

For information about the Support Groups we offer, please click here