Education and Training

The programme introduces participants to cancer education, and is designed to raise awareness of key issues and to allow participants to explore areas of special interest. An educational approach can encourage the establishment of a lifestyle based on sound health habits and attitudes which, it is hoped, will reduce the impact of cancer. Cancer Help is committed to partnership in care and education.

Cancers, perhaps more than any other diseases, are surrounded by mysteries and misconceptions that seem to have developed over centuries. These erroneous beliefs can give rise to excessive fear of cancer, causing people to delay seeking medical advice for symptoms which they think may be cancer-related.

There remains a considerable uncertainty, anxiety, and even discrimination against people who have, or have had, cancer. Cancer education must communicate the message that present and former cancer patients are absolutely normal, ordinary people and that society’s view of them, and reactions to them, should not be affected by their particular illness.

The aims of Education and Training are

  • To present a realistic picture of the cancers – their nature, cause, prevention, treatment and cure.
  • To reduce excessive fears that can cause delay in seeking treatment.
  • To encourage risk minimisation and prevention wherever possible.
  • To facilitate integration of all cancer patients, be they well or ill, young or old.
  • To empower patients, carers and volunteers with knowledge and information.
  • To encourage discussion and expression of feelings about cancer.
  • To resource and inform professional colleagues in the area of cancer care.

The education and training programs at Cancer Help are open to

  • The cancer patient and his/her carer.
  • The general public/Support Groups’ members.
  • Volunteers of Cancer Help.
  • The multi-professional members of the Primary Health Care Team.
  • Professional colleagues employed within the public, private and voluntary sectors of healthcare provision.