Following initial contact with Cancer Help an appointment will be arranged for the patient to be assessed by the Director of Nursing & Therapies. It is suggested that the patient be accompanied by a relative or carer. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that Cancer Help is the appropriate source of support and to identify the most appropriate form of support.

Day Care may be offered for one day each week, for an agreed period of weeks, for aspects of social care. Should an arrangement for Aromatherapy/Reflexology be considered, the patient will be offered the treatment for six weekly sessions. If dietary advice is required, an appointment will be made for the patient to consult the dietician based at Royal Preston Hospital. Consideration will also be given for referral to the Counselling Service, if assessed to be appropriate.

The Cancer Support Nurses may refer patients to the Information & Support Service in the event of a request for financial advice/grant application.

Under normal circumstances, monitoring and assessment of the disease process will be ‘in continuum’ i.e. Cancer Help will communicate with the Primary Care Team to exchange information to ensure seamless care is provided. The Director of Nursing & Therapies will inform the General Practitioner of the patient’s visit to Vine House, unless requested by the patient to withhold this information.