Update from our Chair of Trustees Dec 2020

Dear All

I hope you are all well and coping with the challenges that the Covid19 pandemic is continuing to present. Whilst it appears there may be some light at the end of the “Covid19 tunnel”, in the form of vaccines, we still find ourselves in the final week of a lockdown to be followed by Tier 3 restrictions. There is no doubt in my mind that the impact of the virus will continue to be felt by us all, and Cancer Help, for the foreseeable future.

Therefore I wanted to provide you with an update on the current status of the charity.


The management accounts for the first month of our new financial year, October, have been completed and it is pleasing to note that the charity broke even. As you may be aware the charity is forecast to make a loss this year so any improvement is most welcome. During October, the charity benefitted from the income from its two open shops, Garstang and Longridge, totalling £6,000. Sadly those two shops are now closed. Indeed the picture for November is far from positive as we are anticipating a significant drop in income due to the lockdown. CancerHelp is endeavouring to mitigate the impact through the use of Government schemes such as furlough. In addition the charity will release grant income (held as restricted funds on its balance sheet) into the charity’s operating account. Our gratitude goes to the charity’s supporters who continue to do what they can within current restrictions – donations continue to be received and Covid safe events, such as the recent Halloween Quiz Night, have helped enormously. In addition, at the point of writing I am aware that the charity has received a grant from a charitable trust of £10,000.

None the less, it is likely that the charity will post a financial loss in November.


On a positive note, the team at Vine House are committed to keeping the house open during the lockdown. Both the adult and children’s service delivery teams continue to provide a mixture of face to face and remote sessions, depending on the needs of the individual service users. Following the advice of the relevant professional bodies, the charity is pleased to be able to offer a limited range of complimentary therapies. This has been well received and demand is increasing.

The safety of service providers and service users remains paramount as anyone who has visited Vine House will be aware. The gratitude of those able to access Cancer Help’s services is apparent and expressed in some of the feedback the service delivery team has received over the last 4 weeks.

“The bereavement counselling has empowered me and hugely changed my life”

“I have appreciated the video calls ….. so much better than placing counselling on hold”

“Probably, for the first time, I have felt understood, cared for, and listened to”

“It’s such a wonderful service”

It is apparent that the impact of Covid19 is more keenly felt by those who are isolating or worried about the impact of the disease on their lives. The pandemic is exacerbating people’s personal circumstances and our service providers are reporting an increase in the seriousness and complexity of many of the cases being presented. 

Please remember that if you have any questions or concerns, regarding the operation of the charity, that you are more than welcome to address them to the Trustees of Cancerhelp.

I hope that you have found this update useful. 

Best Wishes