Stride – Children and Young People’s Service

The service aims to provide opportunities for children and young people to express feelings associated with bereavement and loss.

Children and young people are offered creative ways of working through grief and loss associated with a cancer diagnosis in their family.

Support is provided for the whole family therefore a comprehensive assessment is completed at the first visit to determine the type of support required.

A flexible approach is implemented to in order to meet each child or young person’s individual needs. Support will also need to include parents and any “significant others” involved in their care For example teachers and social workers.

The service also offers support to other professionals involved in the care of Children and Young People suffering bereavement and loss.

Therefore the work involves partnership with other organisations.

As a result of our work we aim to see:

  • Children and Young People who have the confidence and skills to express articulate and consider their emotions
  • Family whom feels supported, know where to go for information or who to talk to, and feel confident they can begin to make changes to improve their own lives
  • Children and Young People who have found ways of expressing their grief and loss in a creative way, allowing them to come to terms with their situation
  • Trained Link workers in schools, using their skills to support Children and Young People and a structured network of link workers across Lancashire to ensure quality, consistency and continuous development
  • A range of schools, charities and other organisations working together to provide quality, consistent and developing services in a co-ordinated and integrated manner.